The End of Ortiz?

Posted on Jun 2, 2009 in Red Sox

When great ones go, it might hurt us more than it does them by Bill Simmons (ESPN)

Watching Papi flounder now, I’d believe he’s really 36 or 37 (not 33) before I’d believe PEDs are responsible. In a recent game in Minnesota, he couldn’t catch up to an 89 mph fastball. Repeat: 89 mph!

That’s what happens to beefy sluggers on their way out: Their knees go, they stiffen up, bat speed slows and, in the blink of an eye, they’re done. Beefy sluggers are like porn stars, wrestlers, NBA centers and trophy wives: When it goes, it goes. You know right away.

Whatever the reason, it’s a real bummer watching Ortiz come to bat this year. He’s got so much goodwill with Sox fans that people haven’t called for him to be benched, but I think the next few weeks are his last chance to prove he can still hit.