Flag Design

Flag Design

Posted on Sep 9, 2016 in Design, Video

I find flag design to be very interesting, and I’m constantly surprised to see how much bad flag design there is. I credit/blame the 99% Invisible podcast for giving me this appreciation. It started with the Vexillonaire episode. I learned so much from it — first of which… Continue reading »

Font Conference

Posted on Aug 2, 2008 in Design, Humor, Video

I thought this was hilarious. Typeface humor…God, I’m a design nerd.

Jill Chapman Shiatsu

Posted on Jun 5, 2008 in Design, Personal

Jill is officially starting her business today, and her “real” website is now live at jillchapmanshiatsu.com. Have a look, and if you’re in the area, sign up for a treatment!

Mac OS X Web Color Picker

Posted on Nov 2, 2007 in Apple, Design

This is more of a note to self: Hex Color Picker is a useful tool that adds a web color picker to the Mac’s built-in color pickers. The best feature is the magnifying glass which lets you choose any color on the screen to get… Continue reading »

Hidden Elements in Logos

Posted on Oct 1, 2007 in Baseball, Design

Uni Watch is a blog all about sports uniforms, and often has some interesting articles. (It’s where I learned about baseball’s “futuristic” uniforms…glad I missed those games.) Anyway, there’s a pretty good one about hidden elements in sports logos (inspired by a discussion of the… Continue reading »

Hollister Thomas Photography

Posted on Mar 6, 2007 in Design, Personal, Photography

A new site I built is now live: Hollister Thomas Photography. The original designer sort of disappeared so I took his initial rough design, finished the details, and built the site. It was a lot of fun to do, especially adding the Lightbox 2.0 slideshow… Continue reading »

New Ugly Design

Posted on Oct 4, 2006 in Design

The design of this site has been pretty much the same since I bought the domain in 2000, when I hastily put the site up to help with a job search. I’ve been wanting to redesign for years, and lately wanted to add new features… Continue reading »


Posted on Mar 5, 2004 in Design

I made some minor updates to my mother-in-law’s website, barbarapeavey.com. I kept the basic design, but gave it a slightly more modern look (since the original design was done in ’01 and looked it). I also cleaned up the HTML & CSS a lot —… Continue reading »