2016 Soundtrack

Posted on Jan 1, 2017 in Music, Soundtrack

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  1. Foster the People: “Are You What You Want to Be?”
  2. Aimee Mann: “That’s Just What You Are”
  3. Wire: “Still “
  4. Pixies: “Baal’s Back”
  5. Bad Religion: “Turn On The Light”
  6. People Under The Stairs: “Back From The Dead”
  7. Eric B & Rakim: “Microphone Fiend”
  8. The Meters: “Live Wire”
  9. Julian Casablancas: “Out of the Blue”
  10. Simple Minds: “Citizen (Dance of Youth)”
  11. The Kinks: “Victoria”
  12. Rush: “The Big Money”
  13. A Tribe Called Quest: “Dis Generation”
  14. Souls of Mischief: “All You Got Is Your Word”
  15. Art Brut: “Alcoholics Unanimous”
  16. toyGuitar: “Human Hyenas”
  17. Descendents: “On Paper”
  18. NOFX: “The Idiots Are Taking Over”
  19. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: “You Gotta Go!”
  20. Bob Marley: “African Herbman”
  21. Tim and Eric: “Raz”


2016 soundtrack