Project 365

Posted on Feb 1, 2012 in Apple, Photography, Photos, Project 365

I’ve been wanting to do a project 365 (taking a photo every day) for the past few years, but I just couldn’t follow though. I just never had my camera with me at all times, and I wouldn’t even get through January. There was also the issue of trying to take a great photo every day. The point of the project is just to take a photo every day; great photos happen with practice, and this helps you see the world as potential photos.

Then early year (January 2nd) I saw my cousin was using an app called My365. If there’s anything that will make it easier to complete project 365, it’s an iPhone:

  • the camera is actually pretty good;
  • My365, while not a great app, makes it easy to upload and keep track of daily photos;
  • unlike my cameras, I actually have my iPhone with me almost all the time.

I’ve made it though January so far. Just 334 photos to go…